2017-08-10 Validate XML with XSD

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Valide XML file with XSD and show errors

I had a need to give a user a quick tool to validate a generated XML file based on a schema XSD file and show where the errors are located.


For the first part I needed to validate a XML file against XSD schema and get back error messages with at least error message, line and position/column in file.

That is covered with Test-Xml which returns error messages from validation.

It uses a System.Xml.XmlReader and ValidationEventHandler to capture the errors.

PS > Test-Xml -XmlFile C:\my.xml -XsdFile C:\schema.xsd    
    SourceObject       :
    SourceUri          : file:///C:/my.xml
    LineNumber         : 8
    LinePosition       : 414720
    SourceSchemaObject :
    Message            : The element 'Look' in namespace 'http://xml.foo.bar/' has incomplete content. Lis
                        t of possible elements expected: 'A_1' in namespace 'http://xml.foo.bar/'.
    Data               : System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal
    InnerException     :
    TargetSite         :
    StackTrace         :
    HelpLink           :
    Source             :
    HResult            : -2146231999


Second part is to show the XML fragment before and after the error.

For that is the Show-XmlError which accepts input from Test-Xml.

PS > Test-Xml -XmlFile C:\my.xml -XsdFile C:\schema.xsd | Show-XmlError
    ======= Error in Line 8 Column 414720  ============= 
    <Look typ="G">
    <Name>Carl Johann GmbH Bonn</Name>
    <Address>Vor den Siebenburgen 123 , Bonn</Address>
    --> The element 'Look' in namespace 'http://xml.foo.bar/' has incomplete content. List
        of possible elements expected: 'A_1' in namespace 'http://xml.foo.bar/'..  <--
    <Look typ="G">

It also accepts manual XML file input with specified line and column number of error.

PS > Show-XmlError -XmlFile C:\my.xml -Line 8 -Column 414720

I added a open file dialog, hardcoded the XSD file path, converted the script to an EXE file and done :)

	$filename = Get-Filename -filter "XML | *.xml" -title "Select XML file to validate"
	if ($filename){	
		Test-Xml -XmlFile $filename -XsdFile "D:\Foo\schema.xsd" | Show-XmlError -Pause
		Write-Output "END....."
		throw "XML file missing"
	throw "Error: $($Error[0])"

This is how it looks like to the user. XML Validation

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